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Sewer Line Repair in the Tri-Cities & Yakima

Trust a Licensed, Trained, In-House Sewer Repair Team with Nearly 40 Years of Experience

Oftentimes, issues with your sewer line may start as small, hardly noticeable problems you may not think twice about. However, these issues can quickly worsen, so it’s crucial to have said problems checked out ASAP. Should you be faced with sewer line complications, it’s best to recruit a team of trained professionals to take on the project — at Campbell & Company, we’re dedicated to doing just that. Don’t wait to get in touch with us so that we can get your sewer running smoothly again!

Put your trust in us to get all things related to your sewer line properly sorted out. Call today at 509-545-9848 or reach out online!

Campbell & Company is proud to offer the finest plumbing services available for our customers in the Tri-Cities. No matter how big or small of a job you have, our team is ready to assist you in a prompt and professional manner.

Signs Your Tri-Cities Home Needs a Sewer Line Repair

To best ensure your home’s sewer lines are working as they should, it’s important to keep an eye out for telltale signs that a repair may be needed, and call the team at Campbell & Company should you discover any. Some indicators your sewer line needs repair include:

Water Pooling in Your Yard

If you find soft or damp spots in your yard that aren’t due to rain or other reasonable causes, it could be due to a leak in your sewage line.

Foul Odors

A sign that is much too blatant to overlook is a strong sewage smell in any part of your home; should you come across this, contact a plumber as soon as possible.


If you notice gurgling noises coming from your pipes, you likely have a partial clog that requires the attention of a skilled plumber.

Consistent Changes in Toilet Bowl Water Levels

Sometimes your toilet bowl will be full one day and empty the next; oftentimes, this is a sign that you’re dealing with a sewer line clog that may result in a sewer backup if not promptly addressed.

Slow Drains

Water that takes a long time to drain is not only a frustrating hassle but can also be indicative of a problem with your sewer line. Smaller clogs can often be handled on your own. However, liquid drain cleaners may harm your plumbing and cannot compete with a professional plumber.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Campbell & Company is proud to offer trenchless sewer repair to our community. This method lends efficient sewer line repair without the hassle, mess, and expense of excavating your yard! To determine if this is the right service for you, call us at your earliest convenience.

Call 509-545-9848 or contact us online to learn more about our services and schedule a sewer line repair or trenchless sewer repair!

Why Choose Campbell & Company for Expert Sewer Line Repair

Family-owned and local, Campbell & Company has been serving the Tri-Cities with exceptional sewer repair services for over 40 years. We offer competitive pricing, 24/7 service, and convenient scheduling. Our team is fully licensed & insured, committed to providing quick and reliable service, satisfaction guaranteed. When you’re dealing with plumbing issues, we’ve got your back.

Trust in us to get the job done right the first time and call 509-545-9848 today. We’re here for you!

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