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Common Plumbing Issues for Homes Built in the '80s

Whether you’re thinking about buying an older home for its historic charm or already residing in one, chances are your place could use some love

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Prevent Power Outages by Installing a Standby Generator

So much of modern life is reliant upon a stable power connection. When outages disrupt this connection, it can cause major disturbances in your everyday

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Can You Put a Dimmer Switch on Any Light?

Dimmer switches can dramatically improve the indoor lighting of virtually any space. Unlike traditional on-off switches, dimmer switches allow you to adjust the room’s brightness

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Why Your Water Softener Is Overflowing & What To Do About It

Water softener systems store gallons of water at any given moment. But when these systems have more water than they can handle, you might experience

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How To Help Alleviate Your Allergies This Spring & Fall

Seasonal allergies are a source of aggravation for many families throughout Tri-Cities & Yakima area. While spring and fall allergies are commonly caused by mold

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What Is a Heat Pump and How Does It Work?

Heat pumps are often an excellent HVAC option to keep your home both cool and warm throughout the year. While heat pumps are frequently found

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Is Duct Cleaning Worth It?

Regular duct cleaning can be an easy thing to leave off of your to-do list; however, having your ducts cleaned professionally provides many great benefits!

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A Guide to the Home Rewiring Experience

Not only can issues with your home’s wiring lead to annoying issues like flickering lights, they can also result in more serious problems such as

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What to Consider When Buying a New AC Unit or Replacing Your Old One

With the hotter seasons coming up quickly, it’s important that your AC unit is up for the challenge of keeping you, your loved ones, and

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