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Moss, Mold & Mildew: Preventing Water Heater Corrosion in the PNW

As essential as they are to your home, water heaters are, unfortunately, susceptible to corrosion due to various factors. This is particularly true in regions

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Standby Generators 101: Your Guide to Home Generators in the Tri-Cities & Yakima Valley

Standby generators are an essential part of homeownership in the Tri-Cities and Yakima in order to keep your home protected from power outages. However, choosing

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How To Shield Your HVAC System From Water Damage in Washington

When Washington’s rainy season hits, it’s important to protect your HVAC system from potential water damage. In this blog, our experts at Campbell & Company

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Do Homes in Washington Need Humidifiers During the Winter?

In Washington, there’s no denying that the air in the winter is fairly dry due to a low level of humidity. Unfortunately, dry air can

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Dealing With Low Water Pressure: Tips From the Plumbing Experts

If the water in your home seems to slowly creep out of faucets, showerheads, and other plumbing appliances with no pressure, there’s likely an underlying

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5 Reasons To Invest in a New Air Conditioner or Heat Pump Before Spring

Before the heat of spring and summer hit the Tri-Cities, it’s a good time to ensure your air conditioning unit or heat pump is equipped

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The Importance of Having a Sump Pump Installed Before Winter

For homes with basements or crawl spaces, having a sump pump installed is essential to keep it protected against flooding. Yakima & the Tri-Cities sees

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Why Make the Switch From Gas to Electric Heating in Your Home?

If you’ve been considering swapping out your gas heater for an electric one but aren’t sure it’s worth the investment, think again! While gas is

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How Many Homes in Washington State Have EV Chargers & What Does the Future of Home EV Charging Look Like?

Electric vehicles are appearing on more and more roads across the country and are picking up speed, especially in Washington. The state’s ambitious clean energy

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