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Electrical Inspections & Code Corrections in Yakima & the Tri-Cities

Trust in Our Highly Trained and Experienced Electricians for Your Home's Electrical Needs

Electrical appliances are important aspects of any home; because they are so heavily relied on, it’s crucial to ensure they are always operating safely and correctly. Before buying or selling a home, electrical inspections are a must, and code corrections may also be required before closing the deal. Fortunately for residents of Yakima and the Tri-Cities, Campbell & Company offers exceptional electrical inspection and code correction services that buyers and sellers alike can put their trust in.

Ready to schedule an electrical inspection? Call our team today at 509-545-9848 or contact us online!

Awarded the "The Best Electrical Company" in the Tri-Cities by the Tri-City Herald People's Choice Awards!

Electrical Inspections

Close-up of a Campbell & Company contractor checking an electrical panel

Your home’s electrical components are typically out of sight, comprised largely of things like wires in the walls, floors, and ceilings. Considering this is the case, it can be difficult to determine when there’s an issue with your electrical systems. Hiring a professional for electrical inspections is a surefire way to know the state of said systems, ensuring they are operating as efficiently and safely as possible. Not only are inspections needed for buying and selling homes, but they are also crucial under the following circumstances:

  • You live in an older home
  • You are having major construction performed on your home
  • You’ve completed DIY home improvement projects
  • You are having major appliances installed
  • You fear safety and/or performance issues with your electrical system

For the above and more, we will be there to offer a solution. Schedule with us today at 509-545-9848!

Repairs for Code Corrections

There are specific codes that homeowners are required to meet in order to ensure there are no hazards surrounding a home’s electrical systems. Campbell & Company provides prompt, meticulous repair for corrections should any of your appliances not be up to code. We will thoroughly inspect your systems so that we can detect and repair any issues that do not meet code requirements.

Don’t run the risk of an electrical hazard at your Yakima home. Schedule a code correction repair today at 509-545-9848 or online!

Why Choose Campbell & Company?

Smiling Campbell & Company technician greeting a homeowner at their door

Since 1983, local and family-operated Campbell & Company has delivered dependable electrical inspection and code correction solutions to our Yakima and Tri-Cities community. We offer reliable service backed by convenient scheduling and a satisfaction guarantee. We are a trusted local expert that’s nationally recognized in the industry, and we’ve got a slew of awards under our belt as proof. Trust us to do it right!

Ready to get started? Call our team today at 509-545-9848 or contact us online to schedule an electrical inspection in Yakima or the Tri-Cities.

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