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Chimney Cleaning

Our comprehensive chimney cleaning services include cleaning the interior of the chimney and fireplace using a high-powered furnace vacuum and professional-grade brushes. We cover the work area with plastic sheets to ensure cleanliness without leaving a mess.

How often should you get your Chimney Professionally Cleaned?

Homeowners should have their chimneys cleaned every 12 months especially if you notice:

  • Soot falling down when you open or close your damper
  • Bad smells or strong odors
  • Smoke hovering in the room

Trusted Chimney Cleaning Services in the Tri-Cities, Yakima and surrounding areas

Benefits of a Chimney Cleaning Service

Safety: Ensure that your house and loved ones are protected from the dangers associated with chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning

Increase heating efficiency: If a chimney is clogged, the wood can lack the amount of oxygen needed to burn better.

Prevent costly repairs: Regular cleaning helps to reduce the wear and tear on your chimney components that can wear down from the build-up of smoke and fire contaminants.

Comprehensive Chimney Cleaning

Professional-grade vacuum & supplies

Close attention to detail

Protect surrounding area

Friendly, knowledgeable & thorough

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