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Serving Tri-Cities, Yakima Valley and Surrounding Areas

Electrical Surge Protection in Yakima & the Tri-Cities

Trust in Our Highly Trained and Experienced Electricians for Your Home's Electrical Needs

Most Yakima residents rely on electrical appliances and devices to get through each day. When electricity comes into play, it’s crucial to ensure proper measures are taken in order to keep you, your loved ones, and your home safe from the risks of things like shocks, electrocutions, or even electrical fires!

The team at Campbell & Company works tirelessly to guarantee our community is kept safe with comprehensive electrical surge protection services, including the installation of whole home surge protectors. For the past few decades, we’ve strategically met electrical needs by utilizing industry-leading tools and methods to get each job done right the first time.

Ready to work with us? Schedule electrical surge protection services in Yakima or the surrounding areas by calling 509-545-9848 or contacting us online.

Awarded the "The Best Electrical Company" in the Tri-Cities by the Tri-City Herald People's Choice Awards!

Whole-Home Surge Protection

Our whole-home surge protection services are designed with the well-being of you and your home in mind. Surge protection helps to limit risks such as personal injury as well as damages to your belongings!

Common causes of electrical surges include:

Damaged Power Lines

Power Outages

Short Circuits


Faulty Wiring

Major Appliances

Keep your home and appliances protected at all times by setting up an appointment at 509-545-9848 today!

Benefits of Surge Protection

Whole-home surge protection provided by Campbell & Company offers a slew of benefits, including:

Appliance & device protection

Combatting internal surges

Preventing electrical fires

For more info on our surge protection services and what they can do for you, call our team today at 509-545-9848 or contact us online.

Choose Campbell & Company for Reliable Electrical Surge Protection

A Campbell service van parked in front of a residence.

Campbell & Company has delivered electrical surge protection solutions to our Yakima and the Tri-Cities community since 1983. Our local, family-operated company is licensed and insured, and we pride ourselves on providing quick, reliable service, free estimates on installations, and convenient scheduling.

For reliable electrical services in Yakima, the Tri-Cities, and surrounding areas, choose Campbell & Company! Schedule an appointment by contacting us at 509-545-9848 or online.

Surge Protection FAQs

Can I install surge protection devices on my own, or should I hire a professional?

When it comes to electrical work, we always recommend hiring a professional instead of attempting a DIY project. Whole-home surge protectors must be installed into your home's electrical panel, so attempting this project with the proper tools, training, and experience is extremely dangerous. Instead, avoid harm to yourself and your home by calling the experts at Campbell & Company.

What can cause power surges in Washington state?

Power surges are most frequently caused by lightning strikes during thunderstorms, but lightning isn't the only thing that can lead to a surge. Other causes of power surges include overloaded electrical systems, faulty wiring, and downed power lines.

Do surge protectors need regular maintenance or replacement?

One of the great things about a whole-home surge protector is that it requires little maintenance. As they are installed directly in your electrical panel, you should have it inspected along with the panel annually.
Whole-home surge protection systems typically last around five years, depending on the frequency of power surges. If you have your surge protector inspected annually, your electrician can inform you when it's time for a replacement.
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