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Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

Choose Campbell & Company for Top-Rated Heat Pump Services in the Tri-Cities, Yakima, and the Surrounding Areas

When you choose to have a heat pump installed in a new build or are replacing an existing one, it is crucial to seek a team of qualified professionals to take on the job. Having a heat pump properly installed or replaced can play a critical role in how your heat pump performs!

At Campbell & Company, our team of dedicated experts has the right tools necessary to provide you with a top-notch heat pump installation or replacement so that your unit will take care of you and your home, ensuring you are comfortable no matter the weather. Trust in us to provide you with the best product and service!

In the market for a heat pump installation or replacement in the Tri-Cities? Contact our team today at 509-545-9848 or schedule an appointment online!

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Heat Pump

Unfortunately, the life span of your home’s appliances will inevitably come to an end at some point; however, it’s not always easy to tell when this is the case. There are a few telltale signs to keep an eye out for that will help you determine when your existing heat pump should be replaced. When the time comes, choose Campbell & Company for an efficient heat pump replacement!

Some signs to watch out for include:

Odd Noises

If your unit is emitting noises such as rattling, grinding, or banging, this is abnormal and should be checked out ASAP. These noises can indicate a more serious problem that can ultimately result in the need for a replacement.

Unusually High Bills

If you begin to notice that your monthly utility bills are higher than usual, it could be due to a malfunctioning heat pump! Have your heat pump inspected to determine if you need a replacement.


If there is an issue with your heat pump, it can result in a lack of performance and may not meet your heating or cooling needs; this is often a sign of the need for a new system.

Frequent Repairs

Your appliances should never require frequent repairs; if you find you have to schedule repairs an abnormal number of times, it’s likely time to upgrade your heat pump.

Don’t subject yourself to dealing with a less-than-quality heat pump. Instead, reach out to us at 509-545-9848 or online at your earliest convenience and schedule an upgrade!

Why Choose Campbell & Company for Expert Heat Pump Installation & Replacement Services

Campbell & Company is a local and family-owned company serving the Tri-Cities for nearly 40 years, and our technicians are fully licensed & insured. We are dedicated to the 100% satisfaction of our clients. We proudly offer 24/7 service and are committed to delivering quick and reliable results. For convenient scheduling and competitive pricing, don’t wait to get in touch with us.

Call us today at 509-545-9848 or schedule an appointment with us online. We will be there in no time to ensure you’ve got a reliable heat pump.

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