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Ductless Mini-Split Replacement in Yakima & Pasco

Trust a Licensed, Fully Trained, In-House HVAC Team With Nearly 40 Years of Experience

Ductless mini-splits are wonderful options for home temperature control as they can be mounted directly in the room you wish to heat or cool and, as the name suggests, don’t require ductwork to run. When things are amiss with your unit, it can create a hassle that can leave you with an uncomfortable atmosphere and expensive bills should the issue not be handled promptly. For exceptional ductless mini-split replacement in Yakima, Pasco, and the surrounding areas, Campbell & Company has the tools and experience you can count on!

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Signs You Need To Replace Your Ductless Mini-Split

Sometimes, repair just doesn’t cut it. When your ductless mini-split’s life span reaches its end, it’s crucial to have it replaced ASAP to ensure you never have to go without heating in the winter or cooling in the summer. Keep an eye out for the following signs and schedule a replacement with us should you notice any:

Poor performance

Fluid leaks

Banging or rattling

Unusually high energy bills

Notice any of the above? Schedule a ductless mini-split replacement at 509-545-9848.

Expected Life Span for Ductless Mini-Splits

Generally speaking, the life span of your ductless mini-split ranges from 10 to 20 years. However, many different factors can play into the exact amount of time your unit is able to serve you. Things like how frequently it’s used, the quality of your specific model, and how well you care for it, such as with professional maintenance, will either extend or shorten its life span.

How To Tell if a Ductless Mini-Split Is Good for Your Home

Ductless mini-split

While ductless mini-splits are ideal in a lot of scenarios, they aren’t always the top choice for every home. These units are great for when you are expanding your home as you don’t have to worry about expanding your home’s ductwork also. Furthermore, homes without ductwork often rely on ductless mini-splits for their heating and cooling needs. They are also great options if you wish to heat or cool certain rooms of your home and not others.

Learn more about the benefits of ductless mini-splits by calling our team at 509-545-9848!

Extend the Life Span of Your Mini-Split With HVAC Maintenance

The key to extending the life span of any appliance in your home is simple: routine maintenance. Ideally, maintenance should be performed at least annually to ensure all parts of your unit are working as they should. Professional maintenance can also act as a means of detecting potential issues before they worsen.

Ensure your unit is working well with routine maintenance from Campbell & Company! Schedule an appointment online.

Why Choose Campbell & Company?

A Campbell service van parked in front of a residence.

Local and family-operated, Campbell & Company has delivered quick, reliable ductless mini-split replacement services to our Yakima and Pasco communities since 1983. Our fully licensed and insured company employs top-notch technicians that are adept at servicing all brands, and we will also schedule services at a time that’s most convenient for you. Trust us to do it right!

When you’re ready to get started, we can be reached at 509-545-9848.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parts of a ductless mini-split?

This system combines the indoor unit referred to as the evaporator and the outdoor known as the condenser to run.

How long does it take to install a ductless mini-split?

In general, it takes about six to eight hours for a trained professional to install a ductless mini-split.
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