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Water Heater Repair Services in the Tri-Cities & Yakima, WA

Choose Campbell & Company for top-rated water heater services!

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Water heaters are essential as they provide the hot water needed for bathing, cooking, cleaning, and so on. When your water heater is on the fritz, you need a fast fix, and it’s crucial that it’s done so by a professional — that’s where we come in!

At Campbell & Company, we’ve developed comprehensive water heater repair services that’ll get your unit back up and running, ensuring you don’t go without that much-needed and desired hot water. Our skilled plumbers have what it takes to tackle virtually any issue that comes your way, and we’ll do so by utilizing industry-leading tools and methods.

Call 509-545-9848 or reach out online ASAP should your water heater be met with any issue. We’ll be there to solve it!

For Water Heater Repair Services, You Can Trust the Expert Plumbers at Campbell & Company

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Signs You Need a Water Heater Repair

While some things can occur that may seem like your water heater isn’t working as it should, it’s important to be able to distinguish between what is and isn’t a cause for concern. For instance, some water heaters may be lacking in hot water between showers, though all it takes is just a bit of time before the heat kicks back in. There are other circumstances that need to be addressed, though, and here are some signs to look out for:

Abnormal Noises

Water heaters are designed to run rather silently in the background. If you notice any abnormal noises such as banging, rumbling, or screeching, there could be an issue such as an excessive buildup of sediment or a leaky valve.

Lack of hot water

While, as previously mentioned, this may be normal, there are times when it’s not. If you’ve waited around for longer than usual with no signs of hot water, there could be something amiss with your thermostat, fuel supply, or a component of your unit. We will diagnose the issue and resolve it appropriately.

Water discoloration

A more obvious (and disconcerting) sign of an issue with your water heater is the presence of discolored water. Rust-colored water could be due to an issue with your pipes and should be checked out by a professional.

Skyrocketing bills

Oftentimes, receiving higher-than-normal bills could be indicative of an issue with your water heater. To determine if this is the case, reach out to us, and we will check all aspects of your unit.


Another common issue you may run into is a leaky water heater, which can be determined by water pooling nearby or the presence of corrosion.

Noticing signs of distress with your water heater? Call us ASAP at 509-545-9848 to receive the help you need!

Tankless Water Heaters

Campbell & Company is proud to offer tankless water heater options for your convenience! Tankless water heaters are built to provide all of the benefits (and more!) of a traditional water heater without the bulky design. Unlike their tank counterparts, however, tankless water heaters are ideal for providing endless hot water, increased efficiency, and ultimately lower utility costs.

Want to learn more about our tankless water heater offerings? Call us at 509-545-9848 today!

Water Heater FAQs

Why do I keep running out of hot water?

While running out of hot water is normal for tank models during a short period of time, there may be underlying issues that should be determined and addressed by a professional. Issues like your unit’s heating element failing could be to blame.

When should I schedule a water heater replacement?

Generally, tank water heaters are built to last roughly eight to 12 years and tankless models are designed for 20 years of use; however, your unit’s life span can vary as a result of things, such as the range of issues mentioned above.

What is a good temperature setting for my water heater?

120 degrees is recommended for safety purposes, but a lot of homes lean toward 130 degrees to 150 degrees.

Do standard or tankless models require more repairs?

Standard tank water heaters will often run into more issues than tankless water heaters due to their storage tanks. Weighing the repair and maintenance needs of these two types of water heaters can help you make an informed decision.
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Why Choose Campbell & Company for Water Heater Repair?

Campbell & Company is a local and family-owned company that has been delivering top-grade water heater services to the Tri-Cities & Yakima for over 40 years. We offer quick and reliable work, competitive pricing, convenient scheduling, and 24/7 service when emergencies just can’t wait. Our fully licensed and insured plumbers will ensure no project is complete without 100% satisfaction.

Call 509-545-9848 or hop online at your earliest convenience to schedule a water heater repair with our trusted team!

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