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The 4 Warning Signs of a Leaking Sewer Line

Here in the lush Pacific Northwest, we enjoy our fair share of rain. However, that doesn’t mean we want water raining through a cracked pipe and out of our ceilings. Damaged sewer pipes can quickly become a homeowner’s worst nightmare. How can you tell if you have a cracked sewer line, or if you have a different issue on your hands? Look for any of these four classic warning signs that you have a leaking sewer line on your hands that requires sewer line repair work.

Warning Sign 1: Mold & Mildew

Patches of mold on your home's ceilings, walls, or floors could be a sign that a sewer line had has cracked. A broken sewer line leads to extra moisture, which creates the perfect environment for mold to flourish. Mold isn’t always a sign that there are sewer line issues. If it’s paired with the odor of sewage, however, it’s quite possible that a leak is causing the mold.

Warning Sign 2: Sewer Gas Odor in the Home

You should never get an odor from your home's drains if your household plumbing is in good working order. When a sewer pipe cracks, gas vents into the surrounding air and produces that characteristic foul odor of sewer gas. If you can smell sewage in your home, that's a telltale sign that your sewer pipe is damaged.

Warning Sign 3: Recurring Clogs and Backups

Another sure sign of a broken sewer line is when sewage backs up through open drains in your home. Most likely, you’ll notice this issue when you flush your toilet or run water through your sink or bathtub drain. If the problem is limited to one drain, then the issue may be a clog in that particular drain that needs to be removed. However, if the issue impacts multiple drains in your home, the culprit is likely a damaged sewer pipe.

Warning Sign 4: Slow Drainage

A slow drain is the result of a blockage forming in your pipes. Some clogs are easy to remedy at home, but clogs that are severe or persistent are signs that you have a more serious problem on your hands, such as a cracked sewer pipe. Other common causes of recurring slow drainage channeling, tree root obstruction, and line obstructions. A sewer camera inspection service can quickly identify if the cause is localized, or if you have a leaking sewer line on your hands.

Plumbing, Drain & Sewer Line Repairs

If you have noticed or are experienced one or several of the signs of a leaking sewer line, you need fast, reliable, professional plumbing service. At Campbell & Company, our team of expert plumbers can quickly assess and fix plumbing and drain problems of all kinds. If you have noticed or are experiencing any of the signs of a leaking sewer line, give us a call for the top-rated plumbing repair and sewer line services in Pasco, Yakima, or a nearby area. We even offer trenchless/no-dig sewer line repairs!
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