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3 Advantages of Heat Pumps

air conditioner unit fan With advances in technology, you have are more and more choices for how to heat and cool your home. While some people still prefer traditional forced-air furnaces, more homeowners are discovering the benefits of heat pumps. Like a traditional furnace, heat pumps use ducts to move heated air throughout your home. If you are considering switching to a heat pump, but you aren’t sure if it’s right for you, check out these top three advantages.

1. They Are Energy Efficient

If you are sick of wasting money each month on heating and cooling bills, a heat pump may help because they are extremely energy efficient, meaning you use less power to run the system. As a result, your monthly bills decrease. On average, an electrical furnace will cost about $909 a year according to All Systems Mechanical. Other fuel types often cost even more. A propane-fueled furnace, for example, may cost as much as $1,556 a year to heat your home. Heat pumps, on the other hand, may only cost you $259 to $501 a year, depending on whether your heat pump is geothermal or air-source. Geothermal systems, which work underground to pull heated and cooled air, are the more efficient option. Air-source systems aren’t as efficient because they pull heated or cooled air from the air. As you know, on cold days, it can be hard to find heated air, which is why the system has to work harder to heat when compared to a geothermal unit.

2. They Are Affordable

Heating and cooling systems are often costly, not only due to installation costs but also because of maintenance and repairs. Thankfully, you can save money on high-quality heat pumps through incentive and rebate programs. These programs often change from state to state, but most are tied to Energy Star ratings. The better the rating, the more you can save through the program. Here in Oregon, you can choose from several programs, including the Energy Trust of Oregon and programs through the State of Oregon. These rebate programs are especially helpful to property owners who want to add air conditioning or heat pumps to their rental properties. These federally funded programs can help you save up to $1,000 per system, which is a huge discount if you need several systems for multiple properties.

3. They Can Dehumidify

You may be leaning toward a traditional whole-home air-conditioning system because of all the features from which you can choose. One of the most important features that many air-conditioning systems possess is a dehumidifier. This is important during the summer because the air inside the home can get too humid. Humid air increases the risk of mold and mildew growing inside your home. Too much moisture in the air can also destroy wood furniture or other materials like flooring by causing the wood to expand. As an added insult, the water vapor in the air holds heat well, which means you may never be able to reach a comfortable temperature inside the home. Luckily, because heat pumps work to cool and heat the home, they can even dehumidify, boosting their cooling efficiency during the hotter months, without costing you more money in energy, heating, and cooling bills. While a traditional furnace may still be the most effective way to quickly heat your home, a heat pump can be an excellent alternative, especially if you want something that can heat and cool the home. Geothermal heat pumps are more expensive, but they are also much more efficient and durable. If you would like to learn more about heat pumps, contact us at Campbell & Company today.
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