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Piping & Repiping Services in Pasco, WA

Trust a licensed, fully trained, in-house plumbing team with 35+ years of experience.

Your home's plumbing is crucial to how well your home functions daily, so it's pertinent that your piping is treated with utmost care. Piping is a major cause of plumbing issues, so ensuring it's dealt with professionally is key.

Campbell & Company has established comprehensive piping and repiping services that will ensure your home's plumbing will always take care of you!

Don't wait to schedule with us! Call 509-545-9848 to learn more.

The Importance of Having Pipes Installed or Repiped

When installing new appliances such as a water heater or sink, you need a plumber to deliver expert piping work. This is a surefire way to guarantee your home and its many important components will function as they should.

There are several signs that your existing pipes need to be replaced. For example, old pipes will inevitably work less efficiently than new, advanced piping. Leaks are another sign since they can lead to greater damages, like a burst pipe. Your pipes may also encounter corrosion, frequent clogs, or damaged seals, among other issues.

If you see these signs, contact us ASAP for exceptional repiping services.

Call 509-545-9848 today to set up an appointment!

The Piping and Repiping Process

Piping and repiping is tedious work. When your pipes fail and repairs aren't helping, it's likely time for a pipe upgrade. The process relies on close attention to detail and should be handled with precision. The process includes:

  • Inspecting your home and pricing estimates
  • Choosing if you need whole-home piping/repiping or just a portion
  • Determining the type and size of pipes you need
  • Shutting off water before construction begins
  • Using tools to access the exact location of your pipes
  • Installing new pipes or replacing old ones
  • Patching up and cleaning the area once pipes are installed or replaced

For our piping/repiping process in detail, call us at 509-545-9848.

Consider Campbell & Company for Qualified Piping & Repiping Services

For almost 40 years, Campbell & Company has been delivering top-notch piping and repiping services to our Pasco, WA, community. Local and family-owned, our team is highly trained and well-established in the industry, meaning you will only receive the best products and services. We will always provide quick, reliable service and convenient scheduling, and our technicians are licensed and insured!

Ready to get started? Call 509-545-9848 today or contact us online, and we'll be there at a time that's most convenient for you.

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