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Does Rain Damage My Heating System?

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September 18, 2018
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October 17, 2018
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Does Rain Damage My Heating System?

One thing many owners of furnaces worry about is how precipitation affects their unit. People worry about whether having their unit outside in the elements, especially in the rain, negatively affects the short order efficiency of their unit and the overall life cycle of their unit. For those who worry about their heating units, there is good news about how rain affects it.

Why Rain on Your Outside Furnace Is Good

The easiest answer is that those owners worried about rain is that they do not need to worry about the effects of normal rain and precipitation. Experts agree that normal amounts of rain actually benefit an air compressor. Rain cools the warm coils and rain washes away dust and dirt that might build up on the compressor and the coils. When the coil is clean, your furnace performs better by losing heat faster causing less wear and tear.

Beware of Flooding

The rain that you have to beware of is flooding. A heavy rain that puts your condenser underwater or partly underwater is harmful to your heating unit. Lightning is also an enemy to your unit, but turning your furnace off at the breaker box during thunderstorms is the only solution to that problem, but regular water from a normal rain will not damage your unit and will actually do your unit good.

Reliable Furnace Maintenance in Pasco, WA

Washington is a beautiful state to live in and Pasco is rewarded with a gorgeous scenery of all four seasons. Whether the temperatures are soaring or plummeting, you need to know that your heating and cooling system is on your side. With 35 years of experience in the industry, Campbell & Company can be the only team you need for all of your air conditioning and furnace needs. Get in touch with us today!