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The Air Conditioning Service experts at Campbell & Company can keep your air conditioner serviced and in top shape!

Our highly trained air conditioning service team has the ability to keep your AC system tuned up in addition to finding future points of failure and increasing the efficiency of your system!

Most air conditioning service visits performed by Campbell & Company can reduce your energy bills and put more money back in your pocket each month!

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Energy Savings

The Campbell & Company air conditioning service team can save you money on your monthly energy bills by performing our air conditioning service visits at your Yakima or West Richland home.

By cleaning your air conditioning system, performing coolant service and performing our efficiency inspections, we can help your system perform at a higher level of output.

A finely serviced air conditioner won’t need to work as hard to keep your home comfortable – saving you energy and money!

Service Partner Plan

A Service Partner Plan (SPP) is preventative maintenance performed on your heating and cooling equipment. SPP customers receive two visits per year, one for heating and one for cooling, where a qualified technician will clean and tune up your system to make sure it is in proper working order for each season.

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AC Service Prevents Future Repairs!

Our team can help to prevent future breakdowns and emergency repairs through our regular air conditioning service visits! Trust the Campbell & Company team to keep your family comfortable all Summer long by reducing the likelihood that your air conditioning system could fail. In addition to that, preventative maintenance is oftentimes less expensive than fixing a costly air conditioning repair in an emergency situation. Our air conditioning service visits can help to extend the life of your system too!

Servicing: Daikin, Mitsubishi, Coleman, Lennox & All Other HVAC Brands


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