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How Many Homes in Washington State Have EV Chargers & What Does the Future of Home EV Charging Look Like?

A cartoon image of a man with an electric vehicle plugged in to charge at home

Electric vehicles are appearing on more and more roads across the country and are picking up speed, especially in Washington. The state’s ambitious clean energy goals, coupled with the population’s above-average interest in climate-friendly transportation, mean that as of 2023, Washington has the fourth most EV registrations in the nation.

The Current State of EV Chargers

There are currently more than 104,000 fully electric vehicles registered in Washington state, with tens of thousands more expected by the end of the year and beyond. Because Washington is one of the 18 states that follow the California Air Resources Board’s guidelines for emissions, all new cars sold in the state in 2035 and after must be either:

  • All-electric
  • Hydrogen-fueled
  • Hybrid with 50 or more miles of electric-only range

These requirements will affect anyone needing to buy a new car in the next few years, and many are wondering about the current state of home charging. There is no registry of EV charging installations, and some households may have more than one charger or choose to charge directly from the wall — so there is no surefire way to calculate exactly how many home EV chargers there are in Washington. However, we do know that about 68% of EV owners have access to a home EV charger. With around 104,000 EVs in the state, that means there are likely about 70,000 homes with EV chargers in Washington at the time of writing.

In terms of public charging, Washington has more than 2,000 charging locations with more than 5,300 charging ports. New stations are cropping up every day, and the state hopes to surpass the previous installation record of 460 stations in 2021.

The Future of EV Charging

Incentives continue to boost EV purchases in Washington state. On the federal level, EV buyers can qualify for a tax credit of up to $7,500 for the vehicle itself and a credit of up to $1,000 on a qualified home EV charger. The double incentive helps address a key factor hindering EV adoption: “Range anxiety.” The term refers to the fear EV owners and prospective buyers have of running out of charge and getting “stuck.” While a legitimate worry in the earliest days of EVs, the evolution of charging has made it a problem of the past for anyone who’s not constantly taking long road trips.

The nationwide expansion of EV charging infrastructure means that with just a little planning, your EV can take you further than was possible just a few years ago. And when you’re at home doing your daily commute and local errands, having a home EV charger provides complete peace of mind. Owners of home EV chargers are often surprised to realize how much of an inconvenience it actually is to have to stop for gas! Washington residents get the extra boost of having the lowest electricity prices in the U.S. in 2023 while gas prices continue to be some of the most expensive.

Home EV chargers are also coming to multi-family housing units in Washington, opening up home charging to renters who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them. The WA EV Charging Program is giving out $64 million in grants for installing fast charging ports and Level 2 chargers in a diverse array of communities. A full 45% of the funds are allocated for those who install Level 2 chargers in multifamily dwellings with a minimum of five units. This will have the dual benefit of boosting the property’s attractiveness to renters and encouraging renters to enter the EV market.

Count On Campbell & Company for EV Success

If you’re interested in a home EV charger in Washington, Campbell & Company is here to help you find a quality charging system you can depend on. With convenient scheduling and highly awarded service, we’ll have you charging your EV at home in no time.

Call us at 509-545-9848 to learn more about home EV charging and schedule a consultation with our experts.

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