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Plumbing Available in Pasco, WA

Why choose Campbell & Company for plumbing?

Campbell & Company is proud to offer the finest plumbing services available for our customers in the Tri-Cities. No matter how big or small of a job you have, our team is ready to assist you in a prompt and professional manner.

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Benefits of Choosing Campbell & Company as Your Plumber:


Your plumbing woes or new project can’t wait for an amateur to develop a starter design and install it. Our experienced plumbers can have your new plumbing system designed and installed quickly and correctly.


When you work with our expert plumbing team, your home’s safety is our top priority. We will make sure that the job gets done safely and that your new system operates safely for years to come.


If you want to get professional–grade plumbing that will stand the test of time and daily use, you need to work with a professional-grade plumbing company like Campbell. We are committed to high quality service and customer satisfaction.

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