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What Happens During a Furnace Maintenance Service Visit?

To keep your furnace operating at peak condition, it’s important to schedule furnace maintenance. Experts offer this service so that they can find and repair problems before they become major and expensive issues.

The Basic Steps of a Furnace Maintenance Service Visit

During a furnace maintenance service visit, the technicians from Campbell & Company in Pasco, WA, will inspect your unit’s duct system to see if there are any blockages or air leaks. We’ll also look at your furnace’s heat exchanger to determine whether the unit has developed any cracks, general damage or corrosion. If any are present, then carbon monoxide could leak into your home. The burner ignition and the flame sensor will be tested. Along with this, a blower motor amp-draw assessment will be completed to make sure that it is performing properly. The calibration will be checked on the unit’s thermostat to confirm that the proper temperature readings are happening. The furnace filter will also be replaced if needed.

If Your Furnace Is Gas or Oil

Additional maintenance steps are required if your furnace is a gas or oil unit. This includes inspecting the thermocouple for damage and replacing it if needed to eliminate any explosion risks. A furnace technician will check the system combustion to make sure that the gases are meeting the system’s requirements. Along with this, the ignition system will be tested for functionality and the fuel lines will also be inspected for damage. Your furnace technician will replace them if needed. Gas or oil furnaces also need to have the manifold gas pressure assessed to make sure that the furnace’s burners are getting the right amount of fuel.

How Often Should You Have Your Furnace Maintained?

Furnace maintenance should be performed every year. The best time to schedule a furnace tune-up is during the fall before the cold temperatures arrive. This will give your furnace technician time to make repairs before you need to turn your unit on. We know that you’re busy and when your furnace is working properly, and maintenance may seem unnecessary. However, scheduling regular maintenance visits is the best way to ensure that your furnace will keep working efficiently and effectively. To set up a furnace maintenance service, contact Campbell & Company in Yakima or Pasco today.
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