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A Guide to the Home Rewiring Experience

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Not only can issues with your home’s wiring lead to annoying issues like flickering lights, they can also result in more serious problems such as sparks or electrocution! Additionally, faulty wiring can cost you a pretty penny should it not be addressed in a timely manner. Because of this, you may be considering having your home rewired, but the idea of this is intimidating to many homeowners. To answer questions and alleviate concerns, the Campbell & Company team has put together this guide on just what to expect during a home rewiring project.

What Is Rewiring?

Rewiring a home is no easy feat and should only be taken on by a professional. First, an expert sets out to replace cables, circuits, and wiring to ensure all are working efficiently and safely. Second, an electrician will install things like lighting fittings and faceplates on sockets, ensuring wiring is connected and ready to power up your appliances.

Done by a licensed electrician, your home will be up to code with the latest best practices which mean a safer and more reliable home.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Whole Home Rewired?

A whole-home rewiring can be seen as daunting, and the project should be left in the hands of an expert electrician. Depending on the size of your home and its demands, whole-home rewiring typically takes anywhere from three to 10 days. It's a large project that requires extreme attention to detail; therefore, an electrical team will need a good bit of time to ensure everything is performed as efficiently as possible.

How Disruptive Is the Rewiring Process?

Because the rewiring process requires things like holes to be drilled into walls and floors to be lifted, there will no doubt be a bit of disruption to your day-to-day.

Although it’s unlikely newer homes need rewiring work done, they are better suited for less mess.

Older homes, however, will require more destruction and dust, and your home may be in disarray during the process — but don’t fret!

Should you hire a trusted electrician, holes will be patched and messes will be cleaned upon completion.

Does Drywall Need To Be Removed for Rewiring?

While it’s a bit more restrictive, rewiring can technically be done without having to remove drywall. By doing this, however, you are not able to staple into the studs in your walls. All in all, it’s not probable or recommended to rewire your home without first removing the drywall so as to ensure the work is completed as efficiently as possible.

Choose Campbell for a Superior Rewiring Experience!

Campbell & Company has delivered exceptional whole-home rewiring services since 1983, and our team of dedicated licensed and insured electricians offers quick, reliable service so that you can go back to living your day-to-day with ease. For exceptional rewiring services, trust us to do it right!

We will be there to provide you with astounding whole-home rewiring services you can put your trust in. Call our team today at 509-545-9848 or contact us online to get started!

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