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Does Your Electrical Panel Need Replacing?

Electrical panels may not need to be replaced often, but they can go bad. You should be aware of the warning signs that the panel needs replacing in order to catch it before the problem worsens. Some of the red flags that your breaker box or electrical panel needs replacement are more than an inconvenience. They can lead to house fires, which is why knowing the signs of a bad electrical panel is so important for homeowners. 

Campbell & Company is a dependable electrical company in the Yakima area that offers panel box inspections and replacements. Our certified technicians keep safety in mind throughout the entire process. Give us a call to schedule a professional panel inspection! 

Appliances Don’t Work Correctly

If you have an appliance that doesn’t operate at its best or randomly cuts off, then you may need a panel replacement. Examples are the oven failing to bake your food evenly and the washer shutting off halfway through the cycle. Before replacing the appliance, you should have an electrician check the electrical panel. You don’t want to waste money replacing an appliance when it’s the panel that needs to be replaced.

Burning Smell From the Panel

A burning smell coming from the panel is a bad sign. You’ll need to turn off the main power and call an electrician. The wires and insulation have likely overheated, which is why you smell burning from the panel. This overheating makes it difficult to protect other areas of the home from an electrical short.

Breaker Tripping

If the breaker trips often, your electrical panel may need replacing. The breaker trips when your home draws on too much power. It’s a protection mechanism for your house. A breaker tripping can be caused by a worn-out panel. In other situations, an additional circuit needs to be added rather than replacing the panel. We can let you know what the reason is behind your breaker tripping during a panel box inspection.

break panel tripping

Scorch Marks or Melted Wires

Scorch marks and melted wires to your devices are other bad signs. You may find scorch marks near the panel box or outlets. Wires to your appliances and devices may start to melt. This is dangerous because it can cause fires. You should unplug all appliances and devices from the circuit and call an electrician.

Campbell & Company works fast to fix electrical problems in Yakima- and Pasco-area homes, especially when it’s an emergency situation like melted wires, scorch marks, and a burning smell from the panel. It is likely that you need an electrical panel replacement or panel upgrade in the above situations, though that’s not always the case. We can work on commercial buildings as well.

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