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What Does a Water Treatment Do?

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January 25, 2019
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February 18, 2019
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What Does a Water Treatment Do?

Our technicians at Campbell & Company of Yakima, WA, take pride in installing water treatment systems for our customers. Basically, water is treated to remove contaminants that are considered harmful. The term “harmful,” however, means different things to different people.

For example, softening the water takes away minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are actually necessary for your health, but they are bad for your plumbing pipes and water-dependent appliances such as your dishwasher.

Other chemicals may not be hazardous either to your health or the health of your plumbing, but they give the water a bad taste, odor or color. This is another reason why our professionals treat the water of our Yakima customers.

How Does Water Softening Work?

Water softening works by rinsing fresh water through a tank full of resin beads in brine, or salt water. There, the calcium and magnesium in the water are exchanged for sodium ions. This type of water treatment is also called ion exchange. A water softener can treat all the water that comes into the house, or it can be placed at a specific fixture. If you’re looking to add a water softener to your filtration system, Campbell & Company can consult with you on the details of getting the task done.

What Does Reverse Osmosis Do?

A reverse osmosis filter has three types of filters to remove a variety of contaminants. First, the untreated water is passed through a sediment filter, then it is passed through a reverse osmosis membrane that lets water and other small molecules pass into a charcoal or carbon filter.

What Does a Tank Filter Do?

With a tank filter, the unfiltered water is diverted into a tank where it seeps through a bed of charcoal. Then, it goes through fine sand, and finally, it moves through a pick-up tube to re-enter the cold water supply line.

What Does a Charcoal Cartridge Filter Do?

In this filter, fresh water is diverted into the housing that contains the charcoal cartridge. The water passes through the outer shell of the cartridge, which traps sediment. The water then passes through the charcoal, which cleanses it of organic compounds. The water then passes up the center of the cartridge and rejoins the fresh water line.

Customers in the Yakima area who are unhappy with the smell, taste or look of their water shouldn’t hesitate to call Campbell & Company for water treatment. Don’t forget our heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing services.