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Signs That You Need a Plumber

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March 20, 2019
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April 19, 2019
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Signs That You Need a Plumber

When you turn on a faucet or flush a toilet, you expect that the water will flow or drain in a consistent manner. However, if you notice that the water is flowing weakly or is not getting hot, there could be a plumbing issue that needs your attention.

The Water Bill Has Gone Up

If your water bill has gone up significantly during the last couple of billing cycles, it may be because there is a leak in your pipes. Ideally, you will call the folks at Campbell & Company in Pasco and Yakima. We can repair pipes, inspect your water heater, and take other steps to ensure that there are no other related issues lurking in your home.

The Water Is Draining Slowly

Water that is draining slowly could be indicative of a partially or fully blocked pipe. A professional plumber can either snake out the clog or otherwise fish it out for you. He or she may also be able to peer into the pipe to see if there are any roots or other vegetation growing in it. If that is the case, it may be necessary to take apart the pipe or dig out the tree or plant that is growing its roots into it.

You Hear Noises in the Pipes

When there is too much pressure in the pipes, you may hear a knocking sound. If you hear the sound of running water when no one is running a faucet or using a hose, it may indicate that a valve or other part is loose. Either way, it is best to have a professional come to your home and diagnose the issue. Allowing these problems to persist could eventually result in leaks or other secondary problems in the house.

If you need plumbing help, give Campbell & Company a call today. In addition to helping with your plumbing needs, we can also provide assistance with heating, cooling, or electrical needs that your home may have.