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Reasons to Say Goodbye to Your Old Air Conditioner

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Reasons to Say Goodbye to Your Old Air Conditioner

An air conditioning unit that is well-maintained can give you years of trouble-free service, but all good things must come to an end. Our customers often ask our HVAC professionals at Campbell & Company when they’ll need to replace it or how to tell that it might be time to get a new air conditioner. Here are some signs that it’s time to replace your old cooling system:

1. AC No Longer Blows Cool Air

It might be time to replace your old air conditioner when it simply no longer cools down the rooms of your home. This problem won’t improve, even if you reset the thermostat or clean the filter. Something is happening in your unit that’s beyond your ability to fix, and there may be so many things wrong that it might cost more to fix than to simply buy a new unit. A new unit will also be much more energy efficient, saving money in the long run.

2. The AC Unit Is Leaking

An air conditioner is supposed to give off some condensation, but great puddles around the unit are a sign of big trouble. Moreover, large leaks may be hazardous because they might contain refrigerant, which is dangerous to be around, especially for children and pets. Even if it’s only water, it can damage the inside of your house and encourage mold growth. Call one of our professionals right away. They’ll begin the process of helping you pick an appropriate replacement AC.

3. The Airflow is Weak

You may notice that the air is cool, but the flow of air is so weak that you and your family must sit right on top of the vent to feel it. This too can be a sign that there are so many things broken within the air conditioner that it’s not worth fixing. Time to get a new one.

4. The Air Conditioner Makes Funny Noises

If the air conditioning unit bangs, squeals, groans, or rattles, it should at least be looked at by one of our professionals. An AC unit that sounds like it’s in pain probably has a slipped belt or a broken component. Again, it may be less expensive in the long run to replace it.

Our technicians in Pasco and Yakima are pleased to help you choose and install a new air conditioner after your old one has done its duty. Call Campbell & Company not just for AC installation but for your heating, plumbing, and electrical needs as well. We look forward to helping you today.