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As Americans, we have survived many troubling times throughout history and we've been strengthened by each. Today, let us come together for the greater good: to help our neighbors and to support our Tri-Cities community. We want to challenge all local businesses and individuals to contribute to the #CommunityStrong movement. Every dollar donated will go to struggling local restaurants who will, in turn, provide free meals to local people in need. Together we are Community Strong!

If your heating system is performing below optimum levels or it isn’t putting out any heat at all, call Campbell & Company!

We specialize in heat pump repair!

We are proud to be known as the local experts on heating system repair. Our company boasts 30 years of experience and one of the largest fleets of HVAC service vehicles in the region.

Fixing broken and malfunctioning heating systems is something we do every day! No job is too big or too small and we are always accepting new customers for repair, service, and installations in the local area.

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Repairing Your Furnace & Heating System

The first step to getting your home’s heating system back up and running is to diagnose the size and severity of the issue. Before performing any work, our highly-trained technicians will take a deep dive into your heating system to identify exactly what issues are inhibiting operation. Our techs will sit down with you and discuss your options.

If repairing the existing heat pump or furnace would be overly costly, we will recommend installing a new heating system rather than repairing the old one. At Campbell & Company, providing honest and reliable service is a high priority. We do not wish to perform work that will be a poor value to you. If we can help you save money through more educated decisions, we will!

Schedule a Heating System or Furnace Repair

If your heating system isn’t working at it’s fullest potential, call now! Our team can be reached at (509) 566-4030 and we strongly advise you to contact us as soon as possible.

Allowing a defective heating system to run without proper care could put your home and family at risk. Call Campbell & Company for peace of mind and unmatched comfort!


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