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Duct, Duct, Goose!

Choosing a new air conditioning system for your home–it is never as much fun as selecting new furniture or a new car.  But when it comes to comfort, selecting the perfect air conditioning system is just as important as selecting the right car or couch. Salesmen and contractors will pitch a lot of options to you, sometimes without all of the information.

Since energy-efficiency is all the rage, many homeowners are installing ductless mini-split systems but some still enjoy the comfort of a ducted HVAC system.


In a ducted system, there are metal air ducts running through the walls, ceiling, and crawlspace of your house. A central furnace or air conditioner heats or cools the air and directs it through the ducts. The air is then distributed to different rooms in the house through vents. If you have a centralized HVAC unit, this ensures a constant temperature throughout the home.

A ductless system obviously has no ducts in the walls for air distribution. Rather than heating and cooling air with a central unit and blowing it through the ducts, a ductless mini-split sends the refrigerant to small air handlers that are mounted in various places in the home. The air handlers extract heat from each room separately.


  1. Preexisting duct work: It makes more sense financially to install a new ducted HVAC unit if the duct work is already there. If you have leaky ducts, you can always have them sealed. A centralized system is more cost effective as well.
  2. Air flow: If you want better overall air flow in your home, a ducted system is your best friend. Indoor air quality, air pressure, and humidity are often a concern with ductless mini-splits.
  3. Maintenance: Since there are only two units in a ducted system (indoor unit and outdoor unit) the maintenance is much lower. However, maintenances should not be skipped over, because they ensure peak performance.
  4. Aesthetic: Ductless systems might not exactly match the furniture in your house, but a ducted air conditioning system is hidden—eliminating appearance from being a concern.


  1. Zoning: When there are different air handlers in each room, you have the power to control the rooms independently. There is much more control with a ductless system and they are more energy efficient.
  2. Addition: If you are adding a room, it is more cost effective to install a ductless mini-split than to install new ductwork and connect it to the existing system.
  3. Dust: Since there is no air being forced through ducts where dust likes to hide; there is a smaller amount of dust entering rooms. The filter options to aid with pet dander and allergies for ductless systems are not comparable with those for ducted systems.
  4. Space: If you have high ceilings or a lack of space for ducts, a ductless system might be your answer.

Give us a call! The Comfort Advisors at Campbell & Company can help you determine the best and most efficient system for your house and comfort needs. Call and book your free estimate now!