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Why You Shouldn’t Risk DIY Electrical Work

Protect Your Safety, Property, and Wallet

Cord plugged into an electrical outlet that's on fire

From your appliances to your lighting, you count on your home’s electrical system to work reliably every day. However, looking for a DIY fix can be tempting when something goes wrong.

With the large number of online how-to videos and guides, attempting electrical work on your own might seem like an easy DIY project, but it’s actually quite risky.

There are numerous safety concerns to DIY electrical work, and it can end up doing more damage to your property and costing more in the long run than hiring a professional would have.

At Campbell & Company, we are committed to providing safe and effective electrical services. In this blog, our professional electricians will cover why you shouldn’t risk DIY electrical work if you want to protect your safety, property, and wallet.

Safety Hazards: Electrocution and Fire Risks

The biggest worry with DIY electrical work is safety. Electricity is dangerous, and electrical installations and repairs need to be done correctly. Most homeowners lack the skills and experience to perform safe and correct electrical work.

Electrocution can happen, especially if you're not trained in electrical safety. Incorrect DIY electrical work can cause injury or fatalities from electrocution. DIY electrical work can lead to serious fire hazards.

Poor wiring or overloaded circuits can spark and ignite, causing fires that can jeopardize your home and safety. To avoid these dangerous risks, it’s important to have trained professionals handle your electrical needs.

Avoiding Future Electrical Problems

DIY electrical repairs might seem like a quick fix, but they can lead to bigger problems. Mistakes made during DIY repairs can cause continuous issues that jeopardize the efficiency of your home’s electrical system and damage components connected to it.

Incorrect wiring, failing to adhere to local electrical codes, or using the wrong materials can all lead to costly repairs later on. By getting help from experienced professionals, you ensure that all work is done correctly and safely and adheres to all safety and regulatory standards.

How DIY Electrical Work Can Lead to Increased Expenses

Many homeowners believe that DIY electrical work will save them a few bucks, but this is often untrue. The initial savings may be swallowed up by the costs of fixing improperly done work. Plus, DIY repairs that lead to property damage or require emergency fixes can become significantly more expensive than hiring a professional from the start.

Electrical Safety FAQs

How do I know if a project is safe for me to handle on my own?

Generally, only simple tasks like replacing a lightbulb are safe for DIY. A professional should handle anything that involves wiring, circuit changes, or new installations.

What should I do if I've already started a project but now realize I need professional help?

Stop all work immediately and secure any open wires or electrical components. Then, contact a professional electrician to evaluate the job and safely complete unfinished projects.

Choose Campbell & Company for Safe & Professional Electrical Services

Electrician installing a new ceiling light

Attempting to handle electrical work on your own can be risky and costly. Trust Campbell & Company, your local experts since 1983, for reliable and professional electrical services.

Our fully licensed and insured team provides peace of mind and high-quality service. Whether it’s a minor fix or a major installation, we ensure everything is done safely and correctly.

Need electrical services in Yakima and the Tri-Cities? Turn to Campbell & Company. Call today to schedule electrical services.

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