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Prevent Power Outages by Installing a Standby Generator

So much of modern life is reliant upon a stable power connection. When outages disrupt this connection, it can cause major disturbances in your everyday life. To protect your home against power loss, install a standby generator. This way, you never have to go without power to your essential appliances and devices.

What Is a Standby Generator?

When choosing a generator to install, homeowners are typically met with two options: portable or standby. Both types of generators serve the same purpose to provide reliable power in the event of an outage. However, each system operates a little differently:

Generac generator outside a home
  • Portable generators: These systems run on gasoline, requiring users to manually haul the units out of storage, connect them to their breaker panel, and start it up when the power goes out.
  • Standby generators: Also referred to as stationary or whole-home generators, standby generators run on gas or propane and are permanently connected to your home’s exterior.

The Benefits of Installing a Standby Generator

There are many benefits to choosing a standby generator over a portable unit, including:

  • Reliability: Since standby generators are connected to your home’s natural gas or propane supply, they can operate for days on end depending on the size of your home and how much power you use.
  • Convenience: Standby generators do not require manual startup or connection, initiating automatically whenever there’s a power outage for maximum convenience during an emergency.
  • Quiet operation: Compared to their portable counterparts, whole-home generators are insulated and weatherproofed for quieter.
  • Output: Whole-home generators are much more powerful than portable units, offering a power output between 8,000 and 20,000 watts, compared to the 3,000 to 8,500 watts generated by a portable system.
  • Safety: Severe weather conditions can cause unexpected outages for days or even weeks. Having a standby generator will help keep your appliances connected so you can enjoy enhanced comfort and safety during uncertain times.

One of the biggest reasons why families choose portable generators over standby units is because of the larger upfront investment for standby generators. While whole-home generators are more expensive to install than portable units, they are a far better option in the long run. The enhanced reliability, convenience, and power output make these systems the obvious choice for preserving your home’s power connection during an emergency event.

Choose Campbell & Company for Generator Installations

Since 1983, Campbell & Company has proudly served our community with excellent customer service and safe, high-quality electrical work performed by our trusted local experts. As a recipient of “The Best Electrician” award from the Yakima Valley Business Times, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a standby generator in your home? Contact Campbell & Company at 509-545-9848 to request standby generator installation in Yakima or the Tri-Cities.

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