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A New Year a New Furnace

Campbell & company new year furnace installation Even the best HVAC systems eventually will begin to lose their effectiveness. As we finish up our version of a winter season in the Tri-Cities & Yakima area, now is the time to reflect on how our heating systems operated. We should take the time to see if they need repair, are outdated, or should be replaced. There will be obvious signs that indicate when your system is past its prime and in need of an upgrade. To help you recognize when it’s time for a new system, we’re highlighting the tell-tale signs in this month’s blog post.

1. Age

Heating systems have an estimated lifespan that can give you an idea of when you should invest in a new one. Unfortunately, many people either have no way of knowing or don’t remember how old their heater is. Many homes already come with a heater, so the possibility of never knowing the actual age of the system is not uncommon. Nevertheless, now is the perfect time to find out! Give us a call and we can determine the age of your system for you. Using a system that is too old has multiple drawbacks. You will spend an excessive amount of money on your monthly energy bill and repairs. You will also find that the system does not keep the desired temperature, or that the air quality of your home has decreased. Continuing to use an outdated HVAC system will not only cost you money, but decrease your quality of life. Use our tips to spot when it’s time for a new unit! If you have had your heater for over 15 years, it is time you looked into purchasing a new system. Once your heater is approaching 15 years, you should invest in maintenance plans to prevent expensive repairs. Being proactive about your HVAC system is the best way to combat any upcoming challenges!

2. High Energy Bills

People typically spend more on energy in the summer and winter months because of the increase in A/C or heater use. The intense weather usually causes people to stay indoors more often than in the fall and spring months. You probably already have a good idea of how much your energy bill is costing you every month. However, you should make sure you keep track of how much you are spending every year on energy. Tracking your energy bill on a yearly basis will help you see the big picture, more so than only focusing on your monthly bills. Compare the amount of money you spent on energy in December of previous year to how much you spent in last December. This will give you a good idea of how well your HVAC system is operating. Remember: a new HVAC system will instantly increase your home’s overall energy efficiency, eventually paying for itself.

3. Your System Is Underperforming

As your HVAC system gets older, you will find that your home is not as comfortable as you would like it to be. The temperatures may fluctuate wildly for unexplained reasons. This is typical of an HVAC system that cannot function at peak capacity. A system that has blockages and leaks in the ductwork are also common problems that may need to be addressed. You may also find that the air quality within your home has decreased, meaning your system is no longer filtering air like it used to. The decision between replacing or repairing a system will depend on how old your system is and how many times you have repaired it in the past.

4. Frequent Repairs

HVAC system repairs should be a rare occurrence. However, we know that when they do happen, they are costly and inconvenient for homeowners. A major sign of whether or not it is time for your HVAC system to be replaced is how often it needs to be repaired. A well-working, healthy HVAC unit won’t need frequent repairs, whereas an older model will fail you often. If you find yourself constantly paying for repairs, or it feels like you’re making monthly payments, it is time to replace. There is no reason to make an HVAC system work beyond its estimated time. Doing so will make it cease to function at a quality level.

5. Colors, Smells and Sounds

Believe it or not, your senses can tell you a lot about how well your heater is working. Listen to your heater for strange clanking and grinding noises. These sounds are not normal and should be looked at as signs that your system needs to be repaired. If your home begins to smell like stagnant air or mold, it needs to be investigated immediately. The cause will likely be a lack of airflow and other system inefficiencies. Finally, if the pilot light on your heater is yellow instead of blue, it is a sign of an impure combustion process. This ranges in severity, so call us immediately and we will address the issue for you. Your nose, ears, and eyes can determine whether or not it is time for a fresh start with your HVAC system. At Campbell & Company  we like to keep our customers ahead of the curve. This means proactive HVAC system checks and preventative practices. With winter coming to a close, now is the perfect time to reflect on your system and determine if it can handle another winter season. If you recognize any of these signs, have any more questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today!
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