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Main Causes of AC Failure and How to Prevent Them

Proper care of air conditioners is necessary to keep appliances operating well. A well-maintained air conditioner also increases its lifespan. Unfortunately, many people fail to give enough attention to the parts, which can lead to a few main issues. Here are a few main causes of AC failure and how you can prevent them.

1. Faulty Thermostat

Faulty thermostats can cause the temperature in the building to fluctuate. In most cases, the controls are the underlying cause of the problem rather than the fans or the refrigerant. If it’s turning on and off consistently, then the control panel needs to be inspected by a company like [company_name].

2. Refrigerant Issues

There is often leakage with the refrigerant when it passes through the coils, and there’s a lack of cold air that is released. Homeowners who forget to hire a professional to replace the refrigerant often run into this problem. They can remedy it, however, by having it replaced by AC technicians. If a leak is present, the necessary repairs can be performed by qualified professionals to improve the operation of the air conditioner.

3. Break Downs

Air conditioners that break down frequently are often due to a lack of maintenance and cleaning that is performed throughout the year. Like other features or appliances on the property, the parts need to be cleaned to prevent the appliance from failing. Checking the parts, thermostat and the air ducts will reduce the risk of potential issues down the road.

4. Lack of Proper Air Flow

A lack of proper airflow with the AC often means that the filter may need to be replaced. Dirty and clogged filters need to be cleaned or replaced every two to three months to ensure the parts don’t work harder than necessary to operate and to maintain the cool temperature in the building. Contact Campbell & Company in Gilbert, AZ, to get help with maintaining your AC and reducing the risk of potential issues. Our technicians can also repair your plumbing system, and we offer water treatment services.
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