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How Do Furnaces Work?

The most common furnace is a gas-driven central air unit. It heats one area then moves the air through ductwork and vents throughout your home. These types of furnaces have a control system, including electrical controls and a thermostat, as well as a heat exchanger, blower, gas valve and duct and ventilation components. The furnace produces heat and vents gases via a flue pipe.

Thermostat and Gas Valve

The furnace gets a signal from the thermostat and turns on. When the temperature dips below the minimum setting you input, the furnace is activated. At this time, the gas valve opens and the burner ignites under a combustion chamber, and the gas valve works in conjunction with the thermostat to maintain the desired temperature. If the gas valve is opening but the furnace is not switching on, make sure the pilot light’s working. You can also check the manual to see if your thermocouple is operating effectively. This safety device ensures the gas valve doesn’t send too much gas to the furnace if the pilot light is off.

Heat Exchanger

The flames from the burner heat up a metallic heat exchanger, and heat moves through the looped tubes within the exchanger. During this process, air is heated, but if this process fails, you don’t get any heat. Heat exchangers pose safety issues if they develop cracks or leaks.

Blower Motor and Air Handler

As the heat circulates the blower motor and fan transfer it through other components and into the ductwork. Then, heat flows through vents into each room of your room. When the entire home is sufficiently heated, the thermostat turns off the furnace.

Campbell & Company Is Your Home Service Provider

Problems with your furnace can be caused by the thermostat or a component in the heating source. Another possible area of concern is the blower/air distribution system. If you suspect a problem with your furnace or heating system, contact the experts at Campbell & Company. We specialize in HVAC and plumbing services for the the Yakima or Pasco, WA areas and are dedicated to first contact resolution whenever possible.
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