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Electrical Safety Inspection Basics

Once a home is built, most people do not think about ever scheduling an electrical safety inspection again. This is part of the reason that the National Fire Association (NFPA) reports electrical problems as the largest contributing factor to residential property fires. At Campbell & Company, we know just how important electrical safety inspections are to your wellbeing. That’s why we offer peace of mind to our customers in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

What Is an Electrical Safety Inspection?

An electrical safety inspection is a review of the electrical wiring in the home. It is designed to ensure you and your family are protected against shocks or fires. It also reviews equipment to determine if the current circuitry is adequate to handle the demands of your present appliances and equipment without overloading.

Why Is an Inspection Important?

No matter how good the wiring in your home was when it was installed, defects in workmanship or equipment can eventually put you and your family at risk. Additionally, as new appliances are added to the home, you risk overloading the circuits and may need an upgrade. Faulty wiring can also damage your appliances.

When to Inspect?

You should schedule an electrical safety inspection based on this schedule:
  • Every 10 years in an owner-occupied home
  • Whenever you intend to convert your home into a rental property and every 5 years thereafter
  • Before selling the property
  • Annually if you have a swimming pool

Who Should Do the Electrical Safety Inspection?

Our staff at Campbell & Company is made up of qualified electrical safety inspectors. We will address your work order promptly and certify whether your current electricity needs are being safely met with your present circuitry. If necessary, a technician can implement professional-grade electrical work to bring your home up to local safety standards. Give yourself a healthy dose of peace of mind. Contact us at our offices in Pasco, WA, or Yakima, WA, for more information today.
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