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3 Signs Your Home Needs Drain Replacement

We’ve all had that sinking feeling of looking down into a drain and knowing something is seriously wrong with it. Before the situation becomes a full-blown emergency, your plumbing will give you warning signs that it’s almost time for a drain replacement. When it’s time for one of your home’s drains to be replaced, turn to the skilled team of technicians at Campbell & Company. Here are three signs that your home is ready for drain replacement.

1. Slow Drain

A slow drain is one of the easiest ways to identify drain problems because you can both see and hear the issues every time you use that particular faucet. Typically, slow drains are caused by clogs, but sometimes, there are more serious issues deeper within the drain that need to be inspected. Simple clogs are an easy DIY fix, but major clogs or more serious issues may require drain replacement.

2. Sewer Odor

It’s a fact of life that we don’t want anything we flush down a drain to ever come back into our homes. If your home smells like sewer gas, it could mean there’s a crack or leak in the plumbing. If you notice a sewer gas odor in your home, don’t hesitate to call Campbell & Company, and we’ll send over a technician to diagnose and fix the problem.

3. Loud Gurgling Noises

It’s not uncommon for your plumbing to make sounds while the water is running, but there are certain sounds you shouldn’t ignore. For example, loud gurgling is often indicative of air trapped in the plumbing due to a clog.

Reliable Drain Replacement

Drain problems are troublesome since you need your faucets for daily use. Issues like clogging, leaks, and bad smells can be especially unpleasant and problematic. While some drain issues are easy to fix on your own, Campbell & Company will be there for those tougher situations. Since 1983, we’ve provided residents throughout Pasco and Yakima with top-notch plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical services. Call the professionals at Campbell & Company to schedule your drain replacement service today.
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