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2023 City of Richland, Hybrid Water Heater Rebate

If you're an all electric heat City of Richland customer, then now is the time to upgrade your water heater! You can get up to a $1,200 instant rebate when you install a new, ultra-efficient hybrid water heater. Switching to a hybrid heat pump water heater will bring years of reliable performance and savings.

Take advantage of the $1,200 instant rebate while you still can! Call Campbell & Company at 509-545-9848 to learn more.

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hybrid electric heat pump water heater

Get a $1,200 Instant Rebate While Available

Ultra-efficient hybrid water heaters

This offer is valid for a limited time to all electric heat City of Richland customers. Thanks to utility rebates, we are offering our best deals on hybrid water heaters.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I replace my water heater?

If your water heater is more than 10 years old, now is the time to replace it. A water heater failure can leave you without hot water for days.

What is a hybrid heat pump water heater?

A hybrid heat pump water heater is an advanced type of water heater designed for efficient performance. It combines two heating technologies: a heat pump and a traditional electric heating element. This hybrid approach can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower operating costs compared to conventional electric water heaters.

Why should I upgrade to a hybrid water heater?

Hybrid water heaters offer plenty of benefits that make them an attractive option, including:

  • Utility bill savings: Standard electric water heaters use more energy than your refrigerator, dishwasher, clothes washer, and dryer combined.
  • Energy efficiency: Hybrid water heaters use 60% less energy than a standard electric one.
  • Peace of mind: Hybrid water heaters are designed to last and come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty (instead of the six-year warranty that comes with standard electric water heaters).

How much does it cost to install a hybrid water heater?

The ultra-efficient water heater installed retails at $3,850. After applying the $1,200 rebate, the cost is now only $2,650. There is also low-cost financing available as low as 3% or $55 per month.

Who installs the water heater and how is the rebate processed?

The City of Richland has vetted a reputable, licensed plumbing contractor for this program. Campbell & Company’s plumbing team will handle all rebate paperwork to get you an instant rebate, making it easy for you.

Upgrade Your Water Heater Today

If you are ready to take advantage of the $1,200 rebate, plus the substantial energy efficiency and savings that come with a hybrid heat pump water heater, then contact Campbell & Company! Our team will determine if you are eligible, and if you are, we'll handle the rest of the process. Our plumbers can seamlessly install your new water heater, and we'll also handle the paperwork process. This way, you can enjoy your instant rebate and a new water heater without any stress.

Call Campbell & Company today at 509-545-9848 or contact us online to find out if you are eligible for this program.

Some restrictions apply. Financing on approved credit. Rebate for all electric heat City of Richland homeowners only. Financing on approved credit. Promotional pricing for installation of unit in garage only. Does not include ducting, condensate pump, electrical code upgrades if needed, or installation in interior closet or garage. Tax and permits extra. Consult your tax professional for tax credit eligibility.

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