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What to Do If Water Drips From AC Vents

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August 1, 2019
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August 20, 2019
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What to Do If Water Drips From AC Vents

If you notice water dripping from your AC vents, it can be a sign of a potentially serious problem. However, you may not know what the problem is until you can have a professional come take a look at your cooling system.

The Air Filter Could Need to Be Replaced

A dirty air filter may make it difficult for cold air to escape from the condenser unit. This could result in frost or ice accumulating along the AC vents, which means moisture may start to melt and drain through the vent after it stops running. In some cases, it may be possible to remedy the issue by replacing the air filter and keeping the air conditioner off until all the moisture has time to evaporate or drain. The technicians at Campbell & Company in Pasco can inspect your cooling system and change the air filter if necessary.

Your Home’s Ducts May Lack Insulation

The ducts that transport cold air throughout your home may not necessarily be insulated. If they lack insulation, it could result in condensation building up within the ducts. When the air conditioner stops running, that moisture may have to drain through an AC vent. This problem can generally be remedied by adding insulation to the ducts, assuming that you or one of our service technicians can gain access to them.

There Could Be a Leak in the Roof or Attic

Water will take a path of least resistance from the roof or attic toward the lower levels of your house. Therefore, if there is a hole or crack anywhere above where the ducts are located, water that leaks through it will likely make its way into the duct. From there, it will eventually reach the AC drain vent and continue on its journey to the basement.

If you need help fixing or maintaining your home’s cooling system, give Campbell & Company a call today. We will also help repair your home’s furnace, plumbing components, and fireplace in a fast and courteous manner.