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What Can Be Making Your Toilet Leak?

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December 19, 2018
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What Can Be Making Your Toilet Leak?

Various issues can cause a toilet to leak, and they’re all inconvenient. Besides that, they’re embarrassing, especially if guests have to use the facilities. On top of everything else, a toilet that leaks from the base can damage the floor. Our professional plumbers at Campbell & Company in Pasco know that, and they also know the best ways to repair these essential fixtures. Let’s consider some reasons why a toilet may be leaking water.

Faulty Washers in the Tank

If a tank is leaking, there may be worn-out washers in the inlet valve. The refill tube that empties into the overflow tube in the tank could also be improperly adjusted. A new set of washers or a simple adjustment to the refill tube could fix your leaking toilet.

A Broken Bowl Seal

Hold-down bolts are found in the closet flange at the base of the toilet. Their task is to keep the toilet seated to the floor to prevent it from rocking. If these bolts are broken or loose, the bowl seal that fits on top of them could break. This is also called the wax ring, and even if the hold-down bolts are working, the base of the toilet will still leak excessively if this seal is broken. You may need to just tighten up the hold-down bolts to solve this issue.

A Crack in the Tank

Most toilets are made out of vitreous china, which is a tough, glazed ceramic. However, this material can crack under certain circumstances. When the crack is in the tank, it can cause a flood as water keeps coming into the receptacle without the float ever reaching a level at which the inlet valve shuts off. If this happens, turn off the water at the shut-off valve and call for one of our plumbing technicians.

Faulty Connections

Toilets are subject to aging like everything else, which means that over time, the connections become less secure due to wear and tear. This can also cause leaks. Tightening up the connections could solve the problem of your leaking toilet.

Count On Us to Fix Your Leaky Toilet

If one of the easy fixes mentioned above doesn’t correct the issue, you may have a more serious problem with your plumbing. In this case, you’ll want to bring in the professionals. Contact our licensed and experienced plumbers at Campbell & Company of Pasco today. We’ve been proudly serving this area for over 35 years.