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How To Reduce Your Energy Bill

It’s summertime which means as temperatures rise, so does your electricity bill. Here are a few tricks of the trade to help keep your energy bill down and extra money in the bank!

  • Keep vents open & clean
  • Prevent cool air escape
  • Adjust your thermostat
  • Laundry machines & dish washers
  • Schedule A/C maintenance

Keep vents open & clean

Sometimes vents have a mind of their own, and seem to close or open whenever they please. Be observant and walk around your to make sure your vents are open. Sometimes homeowners believe that closing vents in rooms that they don’t use will help them save on energy costs. This is a myth, in fact, it raises your energy costs by making your air conditioning unit work extra hard due to increased pressure in the ductwork. Keeping your vents clean can also help the air flow.

Prevent cool air escape

Keep your windows, blinds and drapes closed during the day. If left open, the sun will shine into your home and heat it up fast. Simply closing your windows and drapes is an easy way to help your A/C from working overtime.

Adjust your thermostat

Before you head to work adjust your thermostat to a warmer temperature. Your A/C doesn’t need to run at full blast when you’re not home to enjoy the cool air. If you’re worried about coming home to a hot house consider investing in a smart thermostat, which will allow you to program your temperature preferences.

Laundry machines & dish washers

Heated water could be a primary reason why your electricity bill may be up.  While doing laundry or the dishes reduce the water heat to medium or even cold.

Some power companies offer discounted rates during non-peak hours. Call your power company and ask them if they offer non-peak hour discounts. Normally peak hours end before 8:00pm, try doing laundry or dishes after dinner to bring your energy costs down.

Schedule A/C maintenance

Yearly A/C checkups can reduce your monthly energy bill and prevent future expensive repairs. Poor A/C maintenance makes your unit less efficient and your energy bill more costly. Call Campbell & Company today to schedule your air conditioning maintenance checkup or join our service partner plan and schedule a seasonal maintenance checkup.



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