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A New Year a New Furnace
January 20, 2018
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Why should I get seasonal heating maintenance done?

heating maintenance

We are nearing the end of winter and if you are considering passing on the maintenance check, think about the benefits you might miss out on…


The technician that tunes up your furnace inspects the entire system. They look for warningsigns that could point to a potential breakdown. If you keep your system well maintained, it will be easier to spot these problems before they worsen, increasing the lifespan of your system.

energy saving

Energy Savings:

During your inspection, the technician ensures that your system is running as efficiently as it can. They check for leaks, change the filters, and examine for other problems that might be wasting energy and causing higher utility bills.

hvac repair

Fewer Repairs:

A system that isn’t well maintained is begging for something to go wrong. Would you drive your car for years without changing the oil? Your furnace needs the occasional checkup to keep things running smoothly too! Routine maintenance helps your system avoid repair bills from easily avoidable breakdowns.

Service Partner Plan:

Maintenance on your heating equipment is important. How can you remember to schedule your heating maintenance each year? Our Service Partner Plan ensures that we will call you to remind you to schedule!

Call us today  or go here to schedule your winter maintenance check and to sign up for our Service Partner Plan!