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July 16, 2017
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FANtastic Summer Project

Summer days in the Tri-Cities can be quite hot, which means outdoor actives aren’t always an option. Home comfort solutions are our specialty here at Campbell & Company, so we’ve put together a fun project for you to do with your kids that will also keep you cool!

Fun Fan Fact: A fan doesn’t actually cool your room, but it does make you feel cooler because of the slight wind chill on your skin. This means you can raise your thermostat a little bit and still feel comfortable in your home!

Items you’ll need:

  • Fan
  • Washy tape
  • Scissors
  • Wash Cloth or Disinfecting wipes

Step 1: Disassemble your fan.

Step 2:  Clean the fan, we want to make sure that your fan is free of debris. Be prepared to remove any dirt or dust from the fan blades.

Let the fan dry before proceeding to step two.

Step 3: Begin cutting your tape into strips that will fit on the fan horizontally, to get the best effect you want to intermix your colors. Repeat until blade has been covered.

Step 4: Reassemble your fan and watch the colors blend together as they whirl in a circular motion, cooling the room, and brightening your day!

Watch our video tutorial below:




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