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3 Tips for Saving Energy at Home

Using too much energy to keep comfortable at home not only drains your family budget but also harms the environment with too much fuel use. If you want to put a stop to all this, check out these three tips for saving energy at home.

1. Adjust Your Habits

Adjusting your habits to minimize energy use costs nothing, but doing so can produce plenty of savings. The following changes may seem small, but over time, they will add up to be significantly beneficial for you and the environment.

  • Switch lights off when leaving a room.
  • Never let water run while at the sink.
  • Shut windows during the day to prevent heat from entering.
  • Wear thicker clothing and wrap yourself up rather than turn up the heat.

2. Change the Lightbulbs

The incandescent bulbs that you have all over your house have several disadvantages: They use too much electricity, need to be replaced often and give off heat, which requires even more use of fans and air conditioning to eliminate. Replacing these old bulbs with energy-efficient ones such as LEDs (light-emitting diodes) and CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) could save you from 25 to 80% on energy use. They can also last up to 25 times longer than traditional bulbs and generate far less heat.

3. Install a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat turns on and off by itself during the day, which you can program based on who is at home or whether you’re active or asleep. Newer models automatically learn your energy habits and can work with a variety of smart devices to make your home more intelligent. They can also automatically adjust based on sensor readings, and they can be viewed and controlled on the internet so that you can keep tabs on your temperature even when you’re at work. Such smart thermostats could save you up to $180 a year in heating and cooling costs.

Want more information about saving energy at home? Please contact Campbell & Company today in Pasco or Yakima. We provide heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing services.